Vital Telecom offers the service that required the username and password for login to access the internet.
The Customers's laptop, PDA or other wifi supportable devices will detect the vital Telecom wifi signal where our service operational and connect openly with the Base station.
Whenever the users start browsing the login page will be display that will required the username and password.

Vital Telecom offered Packages:

  1. Card Rs 50 : Total Quota 50MB (megaByte), 24H Expiry, Start after first Login.
  2. Card Rs 100 : Total Quota 150MB (megaByte), 24H Expiry, Start after first Login.
  3. Card Rs 250 : Total Quota 500MB (megaByte), 72H Expiry, Start after first Login.
  4. Card Rs 500 : Total Quota 1024MB (megaByte), 168H Expiry, Start after first Login.

Vital Telecom Base Station is an advanced Wi-Fi base station that provides superior connectivity and greater range. It enables service providers, communities, and enterprises to deliver high quality services with fewer base stations at lower costs.
The Vital Telecom Wi-Fi base station is the ideal solution for metro and rural Wi-Fi infrastructure. Based on Netronics innovative, spatially adaptive, beamforming technology the Vital Telecom Base Station has the best performance in terms of throughput, range, indoor penetration and interference mitigation. This ensures that providers are able to offer cost effective, top quality service.

Intelligent formation of antenna array beam by smart management of the output signal phase on different antennas Sends a high gain antenna bean towards each client ensuring connection in longer ranes and better indoor penetration Works with normal WiFi clients like notebooks, PDAs and WiFi phones Equals to a 500 mWatt access point with a 17 dBi directional antenna, total capacity of 54 Mbps Interference resilience due to narrow antenna beam Strong link budget for uplink connection with low power clients thanks to the high gain equivalent antenna Connects laptops up to 1200 meters (free space) and outdoor WiFi CPEs up to 20 km (or more, depending on output power of the client) Self-backhauling between the access point in a mesh topology without compromising the wireless media capacity.

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