VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal, a terminal which comprises a ground station and a satellite dish. Traditionally VSAT technology was used by businesses to connect remote sites in order to share data, as well as other point of sale uses such as RFID transactions. VSAT has matured over the years, and there a currently two network configurations that have become popular: mesh topology and star topology. Mesh topology utilizes relay terminals to manage the satellite signal. Theses relays send information through a hub and allow for a less centralized throughput. This can be valuable as there are fewer bottlenecks for data to get locked up in, as well as a more reliable service as there is no one central hub that could go down. Star topology is the exact opposite of mesh in that it depends on a central uplink to send all data through.

This configuration gets its name because a network map would look like a star, with the hub at the center and arms reaching outward in all directions. This network can be easier to manage than its mesh counterpart. A combination of these two configurations is becoming popular, bringing the strengths of both topologies into one network. This type of network looks like a string of stars joined together, with several central hubs that act as redundancies for each other. These are not set up in series, and all the hubs function together. Vital telecom offers KA band, KU Band and C-Band VSAT technologies in Afghanistan.

KA Band
Vital Telecom provides latest internet connectivity solutions on KA band thats new to its clients who are Military forces, Government, NGOs, Multinationals, National Companies, Students or Home Users. We have optimized solutions tailored to their specific needs. We provides Satellite Internet Services and provide network deployment & maintenance services to our clients. Vital Telecom provides may packages over KA band that some of the FAP and quota system as well as unlimted packages are available.KA band has the wide band and easily can deploy.Vital telecome provides that service on Hughes technology with LNB and BUC as wel as with small dish size is 0.74cm.

KU Band
Since many years KU band has the good market all over the world, This technology's hardware is less expensive but the bandiwdth is expensive. KU band has the Light band in the air that can be effected by bad weather and high wind storm. But technically thats not occured like theory says, in rare case it can happen. As it is bit expensive compare to C band and KA band, the users like to have different shared ratios for that mentioned band. Vital Telecom provides the service on that mentioned band on very low prices with all the ratios as well as dedicated link to the customers. Vital Telecom uses the iDirect technology X3 Evolution product on 1.2m and 1.8m dish antenna with LNB and BUC as a whole set.

C Band
We have experience. We are the first National ISP in Afghanistan and we work closely with our clients in the city. Vital Telecom provides the satellite services on C band as well, We use the comtech CDM570L Modems and DATUM System Modems to establish the link. The antennas size will be required large for that type of link that will be 3.0M minimum. This Band is not effective bt bad weather or bad storm because of its heavieness in the air. The Bandwidth prices is very low compare to KU band but the equipments expenses high. The C band is a fixed and long term link for the organization that want to use for the long time. Vital telecom can provide the equipments as well the service over this band.

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